Pumpkin Mike Continues to Share the Love One Year Later
Fame Does Not Change Well Known Pumpkin Protector
Story by Calabaza Tallada
It has been one year since his heroics
changed the way we think about
"Pumpkin Mike", he now has legally
changed his name from Bobby Van
Brisket, has remained the same calm
protector of the popular vine fruit.
"Pump" ,as his close friends call him,
has taken the medal of fame and
notoriety by the horns.
" I like to think I was put on this planet
to do good things for pumpkins. As a
child I had a pet pumpkin."
Pump's eyes swell with tears and he
lowers his cute cuddly mop of hair.
"I loved that pumpkin. Her name was
Liza. I named her after Liza Minnelli.
You see even as a young child in
Romania I loved Broadway and show
tunes. My parents bought me the
Cabaret album. When I was given this
small round pumpkin it was still
attached to the vine, but I knew that
pumpkin was mine. We hit it off. I
named her Liza and there was no
looking back. We were inseparable. I
really loved that pumpkin."
Pumpkin Mike grew up in a historically
Roma area of Romania. Most people
throughout the world would call it "Land
of the Gypsies".
Pump continued," I sat with that
pumpkin for hours. We spent the entire
summer together. I sang show tunes
South Pacific, Oklahoma, Bye Bye
and ,of course, Cabaret. It was a
magical time."
Again Pumpkin's eyes tear up," We had
a wonderful summer together.
As fall approached, Liza was weighing
about 200 pounds. She was big and
round. I've got to tell you she was the
most beautiful pumpkin I'd ever seen. I
had people from all over the
countryside come just to see Liza.
People would offer me all kinds of
things for her. One man offered me
his wife. I told him I was only ten years
old so her offered me his twin
daughters. I turned him down. Another
wanted to trade me Liza for a season
pass to Draculaville Amusement Park.
No I said, although I loved the roller
coaster there called
the Bloodsucker."
" Pumpkin what happened to Liza?"
"I came down from the house one
morning in October. The air was crisp.
I felt happy and was planning to put
Liza in my wagon for our morning walk
through the village.
To my dismay the spot I made for her,
a cozy bed of straw surrounded by
colorful mums and geraniums was
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