It was  twenty five years ago in a hotel lounge
near Port Townsend, Washington with my
friend Kathleen Estes when I saw the man
connected to this link, Bob Dusquesne.
Please enjoy  his web site.
Are they cattle or aliens waiting for the
right moment to takeover the planet?
I enjoyed a Michael Jackson concert in
Dallas, TX in prehistoric 1983. It was
one of the best live shows I ever
experienced. At that time Michael was
hugely popular. He appeared with the
Jackson brothers, Groucho, Zeppo,
Chico and Curly. My seat was ten rows
back dead center decorated with
screaming girls. I danced all night.

Shawn Ann in beautiful Thomas, W. Virginia
outside one of our favorite hangouts, The Purple
Don't go there if you are a stuck up city dude or
yuppified zin swizzler. I love this place .
A wIndow to the art of Shawn Ann Patterson.