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Yup, it's true. In about two weeks I'm changing the website, top to bottom, but you'll never notice.
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Meet our new LSL mascot
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We Will Be on Vacation from
January 1-January 9
Returning Better than Ever
January 10
Reaction to the
Pumpkin Mike
Kidnapping to the Moon
My last column ever for the LSL site will take the
spotlight away from me and toss on the now
departed Pumpkin Mike.

When I heard of his forced re-location to the Moon
I didn't believe it. Twice this week I picked up the
phone to call the kid, ask him about a recipe, see
what he thought about Oprah or Judge Judy.
I must face the dank reality of the situation.

Pumpkin Mike now lives on the moon and that's
that. Gonesville. Gonzola. Outa here! Twenty three
skidoo. He is probably and happily surrounded by
a hill of cheese eating his way through to another
and another.

The kid had a steel set of cojones. I remember all
he did for pumpkins. He brought  an
unappreciated vegetable to the fore front and
never let them fade. He was made to be the
leader of vegetable awareness.

The ladies loved him. He had velvet smooth
dance moves Travolta would be jealous of and he
sang like a beautiful songbird often provoking
near hysterical crying with his voice.
No one could work a power strip like Pumpkin. No
one. I tried once and sprang all of my fingers. It
was weeks before I was myself again.

The real story of this kid, being raised as a hyena
on a wildlife preserve in Kenya, working his was
across the Sahara as a nomadic minstrel and, of
course, his dramatic solo voyage across the
Atlantic to Miami on an inner tube chokes me up
with emotion every time I read his book. There's
no doubt being whisked away by two bicycle riding
aliens to the Moon was traumatic for the kid.

In closing, my one clear thought at this tender
moment is... better him than me.

So long fans, thanks for a great year.
Patrick with Wilbur and
Donita Buckthorn
Click here for costume fashion ideas,  Roaring
Twenties music and other 1920's information you
may have forgotten to remember
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Lucky Star Lounge
Meet these lovely ladies at the
LSL New Year's Eve Bash
" I would consider it a personal
favor if you come to the Lucky Star
Lounge New Year's Eve Bash this
In 2010 the Lucky Star Lounge
watched as the world of Front
Royal welcomed the new year
with a lot of wet kisses, confetti,
nonrhythmic dancing and a
generous evening for Yellow Cab.
Now onto the events we fondly
remember about the year 2010.

Two Aliens on bicycles kidnapped
Pumpkin Mike to the Moon.
Pumpkin Mike has not been seen
since but his impostor look-a-like left
by the alien bike riders is seen
regularly at area bars, theatre
productions and domino tournaments.

The Lucky Star Lounge was
In May of 2010 the Lucky Star
Lounge was added to the Federal
Hysterical Preservation List. This
honor was presented to the LSL
ownership team by the Federal
Hysterical Society President Smoothy

Trevor Lipton bowls huge game.
Trevor topped every one when he
reportedly bowled the first ever 500
game in bowling history at the local
lanes. No one has ever bowled such
a high score including PBA Hall of
Famer, Guppy Troup.
Famous music icons Stevie Nicks,
Tom Petty, the Judds, Garth Brooks,
Vanilla Ice, Jonas Brothers, Lady
Gaga, Usher and many many more did
not visit the Lucky Star in 2010.
Almost visiting were the Mike Love
Beach Boys version, Air Supply and
Neil Sedaka.

In 2010 Lucky Star employees and
owners chose animals they most
Chef Mark: Giraffe, Hope:
Cuddly Bear, Tim B.: Aardvark, Keith
Knerph: Wiley Coyote, Sammy:
Walrus, Heather: Flamingo, Lorena:
Mink, Shawn: Red Fox, Trevor: Marlin,
Patrick: Wolverine, Tim W.: Meerkat,
Liz: Queen Honey Bee, EW:
Copperhead, and Day Manager
Dewey: Macaw.

Have a happy retirement. Two
columnists who contributed  regular
articles to the site: Sporty Dewhurst
and Taps Wilhelm have both
re-located to Virginia Beach, VA. In the
process both decided to call it quits.
The web page is currently looking for a
Qualifications: Must be a living person,
must have an odd slant on life in
general, no prejudices, enjoys Mexican
food, be married multiple times or a
desire to marry multiple times, love to
kiss and tell and finally practice good
personal hygiene.

LSL Holidays to plan for in 2011:
Elvis Presley Birth Day January 8
Ground Hog Day          February 2
Twitchy Eye Day           February 16
Quinta de Marzo           March 5
Fat Tuesday                 March 8
Saint Patrick's Day        March 17
April is National Ear Wax Month
April Fool's Day             April 1
April Pools Day              April 2
April Stools Day             April 3
Cinco de Mayo              May 5
Vesak                            May 10
Armed Forces Day        May 21
June is Red Head Appreciation Month
Lucky Star Lounge Anniversary June 6
Independence Day       July 4
When is Fall Coming Day  August 22
Kiss a Zombie Day        September 17
Tap Dance Day            October 6
Halloween                     October 31
Free a Caged Turkey Day Nov. 15
Thanksgiving                November 24
Release Party for Twilight XII Nov. 25
St. Trevor Day              December 1
Hanukkah Begins         December 21
Christmas                     December 25
New Year's Eve            December 31

Thank you for an interesting 2010
and forward into 2011.
Lucky Star 2010 Year in Review
A Summation of the Stories Swirling Around the LSL World