The Lucky Star Lounge News Break!
Customer Bravely Saves LSL
Pumpkin Saturday
Logo Carved Pumpkin Saved by Customer from Manic Inebriate Intent
on Pumpkin Mutilation
Buzz Vaughn
Lucky Star Lounge Staff Writer
Super Mike appeared from nowhere
thrusting his arm between the custom
designed logo pumpkin and the manic
inebriate from Kentucky.
The man and his kooky female
sidekick had previously been
reprimanded and asked to leave the
establishment by owners, Patrick
Patterson and Trevor Lipton.

The Proud pumpkin artist, staff
member Melody, placed the pumpkin
on the corner of the bar and
unfortunately squarely in front of the
crazed unwelcome visitors with a mean

As the malcontent yelled  " Smashing
Pumpkins!"  his fists raised Mike flung
himself gallantly and without regard to
his safety toward the vicious attacker
to protect the orange globe of art.
" Hey," Mike yelled. His quick actions
avoided a potentially tragic situation.

The unruly cad and his equally
offensive partner who loudly claimed
to be employed by a well known
local wine and deli shop were soon
shown the door.

The pumpkin was spirited to the far
end of the bar. Hero Mike followed
protecting the tasty vegetable for
the rest of the evening.

Throughout the night patrons
strolled by to first admire the
festively carved pumpkin featuring a
Lucky Star Lounge logo, most
importantly they stopped for a few
moments to hear Mike re-create the
exciting story of his

brush with danger. Others took
photos of Mike and the famous
The Lucky Star Lounge
appreciates Mike's selfless act and
awards him the "Lucky Star Person
of the Week Award."
Thanks Mike!
Unruly couple and potential
pumpkin smashers stopped by
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