Prairie Arts Collective
Stained Glass Classes
March 7, 2018
Beginner's Stained Glass Class

Prairie Arts stained glass classes are
fun, creative and while you relax to
find your inner artist you will
discover the joys of stained glass art.

Artist-in-Residence and Prairie Arts
co-owner, Shawn Patterson, is the
instructor for the course.
As a beginner you will learn from
the ground up and by the end of
the five week course you will have
a beautiful stained glass art work.

For those who are joining our
continuing education group you
can let your imagination flow with
original design projects using your
new skills from the Prairie Arts
Beginner Class.

Continuing Education classes are
held every Tuesday from 6-8 pm or
by appointment. Call/ message
Shawn for the details:
540-533-5883 or email:

    The (5) week course of two hour sessions every  Wednesday
    night from 6-8pm     
  • A basic tool kit is included
  • Glass is extra and must be purchased at
  Prairie Arts Collective
(We'll help keep the costs down)
  • Only $225 for a fantastic learning experience
Prairie Arts Artist-in-Residence
and co-owner ,Shawn
Patterson, poses with spirit
guide Glinda the Good Witch
Shawn and master student,
Christina, work on Christina's
Continuing Ed project
Pam works on her newest creation in the
Continuing Ed class
Call us for information regarding Prairie Arts Collective stained glass classes:
540-533-5883 or email:
Thursday, January 25    6-9 pm
Wednesday, February 14   6-9 pm
Thursday, January 18  6-9 pm
Wednesday. February 21 6-9 pm