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Dear Friends,                                                                                                       March 19, 2020

All of us are tasked with adjusting to radical changes in our routines. A simple act now becomes
complicated. What we once did with ease now requires several steps. Based upon my knowledge we
humans have remarkable skills adjusting to circumstances when necessary, especially when our lives and
countless others depend on it.

Prairie Arts Collective recognizes what we currently face as a gargantuan change in our behaviors and
way we do business.
Number one we understand our responsibility to assure our customers Prairie Arts Collective is properly
maintained. We have several areas of our business requiring attention daily.

Our stained glass class areas: All class areas are thoroughly cleaned twice per day; morning and late
afternoon. Additionally, the area is cleaned as needed throughout the day. Everything is wiped down with
disinfectant. This includes tools, grinders, worktables, personal work boards, restroom, work sink, safety
glasses and mostly anything found in the area. All power switches, light switches; you name it we clean it.

All doors, doorknobs, register area, register tablets and retail room are also cleaned.
Prairie Arts also has available PPE (personal protective equipment) for our students.
We have implemented the cleaning of the glass supplies including glass after any piece is handled.

Our classes will meet or exceed suggested CDC and OKC guidelines. Social distancing is spread out
among the current four workstations.
Disinfectant wipes are placed throughout the store and are accessible to the glass students and
All currently enrolled students have the option to move their class to a later date.
All students are directed to not attend classes if they feel ill, have a cough, are running a fever or suspect
they may have been exposed to Covid-19.
We have instituted a flexible class make up policy to assist them.

Prairie Arts Collective will shorten the showroom/retail area hours to 1-5PM Tuesday through Saturday. It
is recommended you call ahead due to the ever changing guidelines.
Our regular class times will remain 1-3PM and 6-8PM.
These times will be reviewed March 31, 2020.

For clients who need stained glass supplies we encourage to call us anytime to schedule a pickup of
supplies. Curbside pick up is available and encouraged.
Shawn and I are available to speak with you regarding basically anything. Please call (405-436-5439), text
or email ( and we will contact you in most cases within 2-3 hours.

It is Prairie Arts Collective's goal to be available when needed, to create a safe business environment and
to offer a positive place for you to toss your worries aside for a few minutes or a few hours. We want
everyone to be healthy in body and mind.

Warm Regards,
Shawn and Patrick

Shawn and Patrick Patterson                                                                                                                 
Prairie Arts Collective                                                                                                                               
3018 Paseo OKC OK 73103                                                                                         
(405) 436-5439                                                                                                                                                              

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