Friday: Eye Soar
"Authentic American heroes playing
loud and bodacious rock 'n roll."

Saturday: Amanda Wilkens Band
" Bluesy, dreamyof mu."
205A East Main Street
Front Royal, Virginia
" Smack dab in the middle"
of Downtown

  • Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday Night Acoustic
with Local Performances
by Some of the Area's Best Musicians
Shortness of Breath
Ralph Fortune
The Beer Taps
Luther Wright and the Wrongs
The Beach Boys
Dry Mill Road
Mark Clay
John Landes
Knob Creek
Status Quo

Hey kids! We have a dynamite menu directed by our
super star kitchen team, three rest rooms, a full bar,
our usual live music, relaxing outdoor seating and a
non-smoking bar/dining room.
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Appearing This Week at the LSL
Friday Night: John Landes

Saturday: Blues Condition
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