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Original stained glass art, watercolor art and pastel artwork
by Shawn Patterson
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April 6
John William Waterhouse

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April 20 Joan' Miro
Shawn and Patrick

I think of my life as a story. I think about how that story is unfolding and
how people will look at it later, through my photography. I want my photos
– everything from lighthouses to seascapes to mountains – to tell my
story and to tell it creatively. I don’t draw or paint, but the day I picked up
a camera, I suddenly realized I had found my artistic outlet and, like any
art form, my photography – my art – is extremely personal. When I look at
my photos, I reminisce, reliving the experience of each one. I hope others
will “live” through my photographs as well.
While it’s true that everyone won’t like everything I have to offer, I believe
everyone will like something.
I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, jeeping, kayaking and just being part of
the environment. As an adventurer, as well as an artist, I always have a
camera with me, but never carry any expectations about what I might
discover. Everyone stops occasionally to appreciate the scenery, but I
like to ask what it is about that scenery that makes us say, WOW! I find
that those ‘wows’ are always just around the corner. I shoot, and then
shoot some more, until I have shot every angle possible. My subjects are
varied – random, unrelated, spontaneous and natural. I’m always on the
lookout for that new perspective on a familiar subject – I look for it
not only through the lens, but in life in general.
I began my career by shooting pictures of musicians on stage. As others
showed an interest and enthusiasm for my photos, I expanded what
began as a hobby and started taking my camera with me everywhere I
went. This particular exhibit is mostly a “Flowers” exhibition, consisting of
images of a variety of blooms. All photos were shot in digital format with
my Nikon D800. My favorite lens is a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom –
faster and more versatile than my other lenses. I shoot only in color, but
create prints in both color and black and white.
I strive for a “timeless” image – a classic look – and whether a photo is in
color or black and white often makes a dramatic difference in the
impression it creates. We all want to be surrounded by things that make
us feel good, and I hope to offer photographs of scenes – reminders, if
you will – of those things that enhance our lives.
Please visit to see more of my work.
Trayson Conner Photography
Begins Paseo First Friday
Open Tuesday through Saturday
Upcoming Events at the
Prairie Arts Collective