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Shawn Patterson and Patrick GX Patterson
3018 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK
Artist-in Residence
Original stained glass art, watercolor art and pastel artwork
by Shawn Patterson
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Prairie Arts Collective is proud to announce the April PAC Featured Artist
Valery June
Sunday, April 10
Opening for  
"The Sounds of Color"
If the lights
on we're
Oklahoma City native and Oklahoma City University Art History Graduate,
Valery June, expresses her thoughts and emotions through her use of color.
“My artwork is the way I think and how I express my thoughts and feelings.
For me, colors have sounds, tastes and smells. Colors can energize and
excite or calm and comfort. Colors and symbols can bring people together or
divide them.
I choose to create images that focus on harmony, love, peace, devotion and
reflection. Surround yourself with positive people and images and let yourself
be inspired.
What You Think, You Become
What You Feel, You Attract
What You Imagine, You Create
“I work with acrylics, watercolors and colored pencils. Recently, I began experimenting with oil paint and I love
the intensity of the colors. I leave some lines and brush strokes unfinished intentionally, this keeps images
moving and interesting. I have a fascination with the culture of India... the colors, energy, music, food and
customs. This influence is present in most everything I create.
PAC First Friday Wrap Up
We spent a lovely evening with our April featured artist, Valery June. Good feedback on her "Sound of Color" paintings.
Shawn and Valery wore "Pods" in their hair. We sell small pod like hair attachments and the ladies picked their favorite
vegetation to wear.
The night's menu offerings were "Fake Oreos", "Fake Chips Ahoy" and the popular "Fake Keebler Shortbread Cookies with
Fudge Stripes".
Needless to say I spent the evening refilling the Talavera plates with the goodies including grapes and crackers for those
apparently very hungry strolling Paseo "art lovers".
The evening was a five hour talk-fest. Shawn Ann and I finally walked out just before midnight after a glass or two of Pinot
Noir to take the edge off a high energy affair.
As always we make it our goal to engage our visitors in happy banter while applying minimal peer pressure to support the
local arts.
Our only First Friday celebrity sighting was a woman who
resembled Carol from AMC's hit zombie drama,The Walking Dead.
Carol from The Walking Dead
Valery June and Shawn Patterson with Pods
We hope to see you soon in our cuddly
comfy paradise at Prairie Arts Collective